During 2019, we have made many improvements to the C-101, which can already be considered a product very close to its final release. It is now pending the completion of multiplayer (possibility of flying online on both cockpits), which is currently in the middle of its development process, as well as some improvements, including improvements to the weapons system, and the resolution of some minor bug.
It is worth noting the improvement made in the flight model in the latest update of the Open Beta.


DCS Update 1 and DCS Update 2

Hello all.

We have added, in latest updates of versions 1.5.7 (Caucasus) and 2.1.1 (Nevada and Normandy), new training missions of instrument flight and use of the Flight Director, as well as quick start and single missions for Normandy map. All these missions are localized in English, Spanish and Chinese.

Some corrections have been made also in radios interaction between cockpits. You may see the changelogs in the following links:

On the other hand, our systems programmer will finish CC navigational aids in a few days and continue then with weapon systems. We estimate CC will be ready in about a couple of months, if nothing unexpected occurs.

Regarding AFM, the aerodynamics and engine programmer continues working on real data implementation, a hard work that will still take several months.

We are also working on cockpit 3D model of Mirage F1, being external model already finished.

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New C-101 EB/CC trailer

We present you the trailer of the new C-101 EB and CC module with new external and cockpit models.

You can buy the C-101 here:…

The module has changed a lot since it was delivered for sale more than a year ago and we hope 2017 will be definitive to get a final version.

You’ll have this great update available in next version, in which you will see all this big amount of changes made.

It will be at no extra cost, and for new people buying it, the same current price will apply.

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