DCS Update 2 changelog

The main reason for this update is the implementation of new navaids, which are now compatible with any DCS map as well as highly improved. Details below.

  • Removed rudder trim from C-101EB input options.
  • Fixed navigation lights in external model which were hanging in midair when wings/tail are detached.
  • Updated missions according to new smoke system. They can now be launched and edited again.
  • Mission briefing picture will now appear also when main interface theme is not C-101.
  • Changes in sounds. WIP.
  • New VHF NAV (VOR/ILS/MB) implementation. Most of the code redone and made compatible with any DCS map.
  • Updated RMI and HSI course deviation logic.
  • Fixed forward and rear ARN-127 (VOR/ILS/MB) control panel indications and functionality.
  • VHF and MK control knobs made functional in the rear cockpit Intercom Panel.
  • Working Marker lights in the rear cockpit.
  • Fixed VOR/MB test functionality.
  • Working VHF CB in the rear cockpit.
  • Fixed RMI pointers jump when passing through zero heading.
  • Adjusted RMI pointers movement speed.
  • TACAN stowed (when receiver is off) bearing was changed to 155 degrees.
  • Minor fixes in TACAN pointer behaviour during mode transitions.
  • RMI VOR bearing pointer is set to fixed 270 degrees, when ILS station is received.
  • ARC-134 and ARC-127 frequency displays show ’11 . 00′ and ’10 . 00′ respectively when priority is set to the second cockpit, and the corresponding radio control box is switched off.
  • Finished rear cockpit RMI/HSI/ADI and other navigation-related animations.
  • Finished NAV priority functionality – AHRS fast erect/sync functions.
  • Fixed warning, and gear low pitched tone sounds volume control: – no more dependence of the Intercom Panel INT knob.
  • Fixed aft cockpit ADI test.
  • Fixed aft cockpit markers lights test.
  • Rear cockpit FD panel repeater implemented (plus brightness control).
  • Rear cockpit ADI pitch adjust was animated (knob has no function).

Some systems are still WIP, like FD commands, ADI pitch adjust or ADI’s rising runway symbol. Stay tuned!